Life Through My Lens

"Live for Life, Not for Limbs" on Flickr.

30 August

Unwelcome Guest on Flickr.

An omnipresent attacker affixed to the back of your every thought. Exploration is Execution. Routine is Religion

27 August / 1 note

The Treat on Flickr.

Abalone Feed in Albion, CA with my Family.

21 August / 1 note

Blind on Flickr.

20 August / 3 notes

Letting Strangers Dissolve Their Title.

Model: Lady Sensuality

28 March / 33 notes

Filthy Sensors and Dirty Thoughts on Flickr.

28 March / 1 note

A warm night in downtown San Luis Obispo

Model: Mandy Rodda

What is Love? What is Hate? What Does it Matter? on Flickr.

Model: Lady Sensuality

Sorry that it is taking me so long to process the film from this shoot. My darkroom is almost finally complete!!!!

25 February / 33 notes

Pennsylvania to the Pacific on Flickr.

31 January / 2 notes

Demons within me contained by unconcsious

Dark creatures grasping for the spotlight, not knowing what lies beyond the photonic border, yet they posses the absolute knowledge that they need to be there.

Model: Lady Sensuality

I love California sunsets almost as much as I love cacophonous cars.

Mickey Andrade's BMW, #RicFlare

It is much more than our skin and bones that define us.

Last night I had an experience that has me rethinking everything. Our energies our contained in these organic wrappers and bounce off the world in front of us. The bodies we worry about are not who we are and we have much more to experiment with once we leave our skins behind us.

Model: Lady Sensuality
hotographer: Chase in Color

I just want a snack.

Model: Ann Hollander

Drunk on a Sunday Night
(with nothing better to do but send blank photos)

Model: Jess